Safety on boat

Safety first…

Our boat is equiped and manned in accordance to Norwegian rules for commercial boats, espec. by Regulations on vessels of less than 24 metres carrying 12 passengers or less enter into force on 1 February 2020. (These Regulations continue the main elements of the former Regulations of 24 November 2009 No. 1400, which is now repealed.).

The boat carries 2 life rafts (for 6 pax each with handheld VHF DSC), life jackets for all of person onboard, and much more internal safety equipment (2 x VHF DSC, EPIRB buoy, HF/MF DSC …)

After embarcation you´ll go through short safety training and receive all important information about the safety onboard.

As the boat is in category over 8 m LOA, it´s not mandatory to wear life vest while cruising. You can wear it either you feel more safe with this, or by captains command.

Based on relevant rules we do not borrow personal dry suites or any other type of clothes. Take care about your comfort by wearing suitable clothing for possible rain, wind or coldnes while staing on the deck. Inside the saloon is dry and warm, you need only good mood 🙂